My Favorite Albums of 2019

My Favorite Albums of 2019


2019 was rough – I think we’ve established that. But, just like it always has been and always will be, music was there for me when I needed it. This year some absolutely amazing albums came out that I love very much. I could think of no better way to start off the new year than to look back on the albums that defined 2019 for me. Here they are, listed in chronological order of their release.

GIRL by Maren Morris

I remember the first time I listened to “GIRL” (the song, not the album). As Maren sang, “Don’t you hang your head low, don’t you lose your halo,” I was pretty sure she was singing to me. Hearing the album for the first time was no less significant, and I had already developed a special connection to it before I was even halfway through my first listen. Maren’s awareness of the sometimes sexist conditions of the country music industry is clear, but she reminds us all that she’s not just here to “shut up and sing” (her words, not mine). Watching Maren’s success with this album has made me so happy, and my connection to it has reminded me of how I feel about Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour, which is undoubtedly one of my favorite albums of the decade. {Favorite Tracks: “The Bones,” “Great Ones,” “Gold Love”}

Moonlight by Johnnyswim

Shockingly, there was a time in my life when I did not listen to the same album on repeat for days on end. So, when I listened to the latest from Johnnyswim three times in a row in one day, I knew it was something special. This album is simply stunning. Johnnyswim’s songwriting abilities are on full display. While the upbeat tracks are fantastic, I absolutely adore the more raw, poignant tracks (“Flowers,” “Long Gone,” “Amanda,” and “Same Old Thing,” just to name a few). I love Johnnyswim and I couldn’t love this era in their career more. {Favorite Tracks: “Souvenir,” “Flowers,” “Amanda”}

Singular Act II by Sabrina Carpenter

I truly love so many different genres of music, but there is something that always draws me back to pop music. Sabrina Carpenter has reached pop perfection in her follow-up to 2018’s Singular Act I. She got very personal on some songs, addressing her own struggles with anxiety (“In My Bed,” “Exhale”), while others exude the girl power and independence she has come to be known for (“Looking At Me,” “Take You Back”). Sabrina has come a long way from her Disney days and has proved in these two short but sweet acts that she is most definitely singular. {Favorite Tracks: “Exhale,” “Tell Em,” “Looking At Me”}

Inspired by True Events by Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly has been one of my favorite artists for…as long as I can remember. Every one of her albums is one of my favorites. I love what she did with Inspired by True Events, telling the raw truth about the past few years of her life, from her marriage to her grandfather’s passing. Interspersed between the songs are audio clips from home videos taken during Tori’s childhood. They make the album even more personal and add another layer to the meaning of the songs. Tori is an incredibly gifted vocalist and songwriter, and I know there is nothing but more good things to come from her. {Favorite Tracks: “Sorry Would Go A Long Way,” “2 Places,” “Your Words”}

Lover by Taylor Swift

Really, did you expect anything else from me? Lover defined my year. I anxiously awaited news for the album and the release of every single and music video. I even woke up from a migraine-induced nap one day to watch one of Taylor’s Instagram lives. I am a Swiftie through and through. I am happy to report that this album did not disappoint at all. It is perhaps Taylor’s most diverse album in terms of sound, and I truly think it has something for everyone. There are deep, emotional tracks like “The Archer” and “Soon You’ll Get Better,” as well as ones you just have to dance to, like “The Man” and “London Boy.” Taylor set out to capture all of the emotions, feelings, and facets of love and I believe that she did that – romantic love, love for friends and family, love for yourself, it’s all here. I couldn’t be prouder to see her “step into the daylight and let it go.” {Favorite Tracks: “Cruel Summer,” “Lover,” “Daylight”}

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